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You  Are More Powerful Than You Know ~ Self-Wisdom Newsletter ~ issue 2

You Are More Powerful Than You Know ~ Self-Wisdom Newsletter ~ issue 2


Self-Wisdom Newsletter

issue 2

You  Are More Powerful Than You Know

By Anna Elena Berlin, Certified Well-Being Coach, Writer, Author, Wisen-Up.com

What if I told you that you have the power to get the life that's perfect for you? Power is defined as the ability to act or produce an effect. This primary definition is not how many of us relate to the word power, which is understandable given the political headlines the media exposes us to daily. But the fact is we all have power—especially over how we experience our own lives. 

We do nothing more in this physical existence than experience our lives. Before we are born we hear our parent’s voices and even experience a sense of security when we suck our thumbs. When our energy aspect departs the body that can no longer support it, we have lucid experiences.

We have no control over these beginning and end of life experiences, but we do have a lot of control over what occurs in between them. The problem seems to be that many of us don’t realize how powerful we are. There are many reasons people don’t reap the benefits of their innate power over the way they experience their lives. Certainly some just don’t know how much power they have over how their lives feel, ergo this saying:

~ I'm stuck in that awkward stage between birth and death ~

While this saying may sound dark, I am using it to illustrate how people often feel out of place in their own lives. As if the universe stuck them in a life that’s not suited to them by mistake, and they don’t know how to improve their situation. I have experienced this in many forms, from confusion to torment, and asked myself, “How the hell do I get out of this life that doesn’t feel good?”

Many endure their ill fitting lives until they can’t take it anymore. Others spare themselves this ordeal with the belief that they can get a life that feels good using conscious effort and focused attention on this prime personal goal. Either way, change is the key.

“The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”

—Albert Einstein

Like all of the choices you make, there's two ways to look at change: it's either worth it to you, or it's not. There are literally millions of things you can focus your attention on. However, none of them give you the kind of reward that redirecting some of your energy towards this endeavor offers you.

What’s the reward you ask? It's enjoying A Life That Finally Fits. It's feeling good in your own skin in a life you created. It's a personal gift that no one can give you, except yourself. So what's the catch you want to know? If you’re experiencing suffering that you need to get out of, there isn’t a catch. There's not even a cost of admission. It's more of a trade of how you spend your time. 

To rescue yourself from an unsatisfying, sad, or painful life, focus some of your time asking yourself who you are at your core level. What brings your hidden self pain, joy, healing, and wholeness? Asking yourself questions might sound simplistic but they are proven keys to retrieving vital information about your core needs from your subconscious mind. 

You may not consciously know why you have an aversion to something, or truly love something else, however, your emotions reside in your subconscious mind and it remembers everything. And, it’s compelled to answer your questions, albeit in its own good time. Be aware that the answers can come as a knowing when you see, or hear, or feel something that your subconscious recognizes rings true to your question. So being open and receptive to learning from unexpected sources is worthy.

The answers you get will be invaluable when it’s time for you to include and exclude things in your better life plan. Write down questions, answers, ideas, and inspiration in a journal or notebook that you keep with you at all times. You never know when you’ll think of or come across something you want to consider.

Learning more about your hidden self will improve your self-view, your self-regard, and your self-confidence so you can make the most of the life you design, which will feel so much better than the ill serving life you wound up in, or that you chose when as a teenager just starting out on your own. This process is the best investment in time and effort you will ever make because nothing is better than having a life that feels good to you.

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May you be wise, Anna Elena Berlin. 

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