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Why Self-Wisdom Is The Most Potent Intelligence ~ Self-Wisdom Newsletter ~ Issue 1

Why Self-Wisdom Is The Most Potent Intelligence ~ Self-Wisdom Newsletter ~ Issue 1


Self-Wisdom Newsletter

issue 1

Why Self-Wisdom Is The Most Potent Intelligence

By Anna Elena Berlin, Certified Well-Being Coach, Writer, Author, Wisen-Up.com


Our intelligence enables us to learn from experiences and adapt to the environment, even as small children. But the efficacy of what we learned then was greatly affected by how we learned it. Was it learned through calm challenges, or was it beaten into your head? When you finally learned it were you praised, or shamed because it took you so long? When you did something unacceptable were you told you did something bad, or that you were bad?

What we learn and experience until we're about 7 years-old is permanently filed away by our subconscious minds as truth. At that young age we have no discernment, our subconscious minds take in everything within its range of reception and puts it into its permanent storage. The good, the bad, and the ugly are in our subconscious minds as long as we are alive, whether we remember them or not.

According to psychologytoday.com, “Unconscious fear-related memories can remain totally hidden from your conscious mind, yet they still have the ability to dramatically affect everyday behavior and emotions.” Like most of us you’ve probably wondered why you have done things that your conscious mind didn’t consent to. It's no wonder there are so many stuck in deficient feeling lives. 

Making the right choices to get a good feeling life relies on how well you know yourself, and what works well in your life. People who have achieved top-level success also struggle to find lives that feel good to them, even though this was most likely why they strove to be successful in the first place. It doesn’t matter if you are fortunate or unfortunate, your subconscious mind keeps hidden the true reasons for your dissatisfaction, dismaying fears and behaviors, and what you need to have a good feeling life. 

It is an enigma to our conscious minds where logic and reason are at the forefront. In a perfect world they would rule. Unfortunately our subconscious minds are a formidable 95% of our mind capacity, leaving only 5% to operate our conscious minds. With that much strength it rules our reality by wielding the power of our subconscious originating emotions.

The point is that we are fundamentally dependent on our emotions. They are the actual driving force in our species. To paraphrase Dr. Brene Brown, Research Professor of Social Work at the University of Houston, on the power of emotion, “Emotion is driving the car, thought and reason are in the trunk.” If this is an unsettling thought for you, be assured you are not alone. However, as I wrote in my book, it's important to understand that your conscious mind can work with your subconscious… and that’s how you get to be wise about yourself.

Enter stage right… Wisdom, the key to making the best of trying situations, and having a satisfying life in an increasingly complicated world. Being wise about yourself is the most Potent Intelligence because we tend to see everything through the same perceptual lenses that we see ourselves through. Utilizing Self-Wisdom improves your self and world views so you can make progress to a life that is optimum for you. 

One of the brightest things I’ve ever heard was when my daughter said, “By changing my perception, I have changed the world.” She wasn’t just talking about seeing the world differently. She also meant that changing her perception about herself enables her to improve her life, and how she feels in it. This in turn empowers her to affect good change in the world. 

If you are a parent this may be the most valuable skill you will ever learn, because if you don’t have a good self-view you won’t see anyone or anything else in a good way either. You enable yourself to Feel Better & Do Better by thinking and doing what serves your core needs well. The more your self-view improves the better your life feels, and the more you’ll know you’re moving in the right direction for you. 

Those who are wise about themselves are more resilient when disappointment and other harsh emotions upset them, so these have less of a negative impact on their lives. They are better connected with their core needs which are vital to feeling good and doing good. Self-study helps them to be intimate with these needs so they can overcome the habits and behaviors that plague them. If this sounds daunting to you, just ask yourself, “Do I really want to feel like I do now next year?” 

Self-Wisdom is the most Potent Intelligence because it maximizes what the definition of intelligence describes as: the ability to learn or understand or deal with new or trying situations, and: the ability to apply knowledge to manipulate one's environment. Self-Wisdom enables you to deal with new and trying situations because you learn that you can handle what life throws at you, even if it doesn’t feel good for a while. Self-Study makes you wise about yourself and is the key to finding out what you truly need so you can apply that knowledge to manipulate your environment and GET A LIFE THAT FINALLY FITS YOU.

Unfortunately, according to Eric M. Brown PhD, of Mental Health Counseling and Behavioral Medicine at Boston University’s Department of Psychiatry, “We currently may be witnessing the generation with the most choices and the least easily identifiable help. Being able to identify who is wise and know how to make wise decisions can provide us a path forward as we seek to make the best of what life has given us.” This is why it’s important to be able to tell the difference between an influencer and someone that can help you to learn how to be wise about yourself.

If you are stuck in a life that doesn't feel good, if you’re in transition, if you need rescuing, or just don’t know what you need—take heart there are still Wisdom Keepers among us that can guide you toward a good destiny that you choose. For Life Elevating Content and Uplifting Goods please go to my website Wisen-Up.Com to read free articles and chapters from my book: GET WHAT YOU NEED ~ Skills To Build Your Destiny.

May you be wise, Anna Elena Berlin ;)

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